Faith Chapel is a beautiful traditional church in an ideal location, and a popular venue for weddings. We seek to work with couples to make their day as special as possible. Here is some information which you may need in deciding if Faith Chapel is the Church you may wish to be married in.

     Initial inquiry should be made by phone to Rev. Fern Jones at 705-499-8239 or by email to include the date and time you want the wedding and the full names of the Bride and Groom. Once we receive this information we will be able to discuss the availability of the church, and the likely fees payable at the time of your wedding. 

     Nearer to your wedding day, the minister conducting your wedding will make an appointment to meet you both, and will also arrange a date and time for a wedding rehearsal. We are also happy to arrange services of blessing following a civil ceremony, and services of thanksgiving for a special anniversary and dedication of a a newborn. Phone or e-mail if you would like to talk about these services.

Wedding Information:

You will need to know the following information for your wedding at Faith Chapel Christian Center.

Booking the Church
After your initial contact, you will be sent a temporary booking contract which will stand for one (1) month. Please print off the PDF that you will receive by email with your information t and attach your deposit and mail into the church. An accompanying contribution of $50 confirms the booking.

Weddings on Sundays
It has become impractical for weddings to be conducted on Sundays due to the general use of the Church facilities.

Normally a one hour rehearsal will be held just before the wedding with the full wedding party in attendance. The time and date should be listed with your booking and confirmed with the Wedding Co-ordinator at least one (1) month before the wedding.
Music Arrangements
The Church Organ and organist is available for use. Please consult with the Wedding Co-ordinator if the organ is required.

As it is our duty to comply with copyright laws you must discuss the congregational songs with our Wedding Co- ordinator before printing any hymn sheets. It would be appreciated if a copy of the hymn sheet could be given to the Office Secretary for our copyright records.

Arrangement of furniture
We would ask that furniture not be moved. However, if you have some very special requirements, please discuss any re-arrangements with the Wedding Co-ordinator.

It is normal for the wedding party to arrange for flowers to be displayed in the church. All arrangements must be made in consultation with the Wedding Co-ordinator at least one(1) month before the wedding. To arrange for delivery and set up on the day of the wedding.

PA and video screen usage for the Service
Arrangements may be made for using the PA system and video screen during the service he wedding service. For this service you will need to discuss with the Wedding Co-ordinator not less than one (1) month before the wedding.

It is recommended that at least 2 ushers be in attendance to supervise the seating of your guests. The Bride’s guest on the left and the grooms on the right.

No confetti or similar can be thrown inside the buildings otherwise additional cleaning costs will result. We recommend only environmentally friendly materials such as bird seed style confetti is used outside as it holds a dual purpose.

Photographs and Video may be taken inside the Church. It is customary for the photographer to liaise with the wedding party and the minister prior to the ceremony.

Pre-Marriage Counseling
We are happy to provide you with counseling.

Notice of Intended Marriage
You will be required to provide the marriage license. You can contact city hall directly a month prior to you wedding date. You will require proper identification such as…. Birth Certificate, and where applicable, Death Certificate/Divorce Decree relating to a former marriage.

Two persons over the age of 18 years are required to witness the signing of the registers at the ceremony.

Your contributions towards the following are appreciated:
*These prices are intended as a guide. Please contact the office for current pricing.

Complete Church Wedding Service $450.00

Weddings outside the church please contact our office as there may be additional travel expenses. (705-499-8239)