New Photos From Haiti!  

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 As you know Pastor Osnel has lost his wife Aliza, daughter Josesmith, and son Ti James.  Our heart goes out to him and his surviving daughter Judestania.  He is being strong for the moment only because he is running on adrenalin and has so many people that are pulling on him for help as well.  Please continue to pray for him as he faces this tragic time in his life.
Below is the most recent photo we have of his family as well as before and after photos of his home.  Building are replaceable but lives are not.  However we know that his wife and children are with the Lord and he will see them again some day!


 Pastor Osnel's House Before

 Pastor Osnel's House After



Our Mission Trader School Before....Dec 2009






 Trade School




 Computer Classes


 Classroom   Classroom


 Trade School Before



 The trade school as you know has been destroyed but words can only say so much.  The magnitude of this earthquake really hits you when you see these before and after photos.  Thank fully no one was inside the trade school when it collapsed!



Trade School After



The Orphanage security wall has collapsed on the one side but none of the children were severely injured.  However we will need to get this wall put back up rather quickly in order to keep the children safe.

 Orphanage Property Before

 Orphanage Property After



The Santo Church has also collapsed. People are camping out in the outside property around the church and will probably have service in a nearby field this Sunday.

 Santo Church Before

 Santo Church After




 The Neply Kids ChurchThe Neply Church has also been destroyed. The only photo we have so far is of the Kid's Church area that is on the back part of the building.


Many homes have also been destroyed in the Neply Area. Here are a few photos that we have received so far.  Many people have been left homeless!