Dale and Gwen French 

Children Michael and  Erica


Just some of the Ministries we do:

• Home building projects
• Training churches congregations and individuals in "Simply The Story" techniques to be effective in sharing the Gospel and witnessing to others.
• Distributing Bibles
• Guest speakers at different denominational church’s also ministering to the Army and handing out small pocket Bibles
• We’ve even been stopped at road checkpoints, witnessed and handed out Bibles to PNP (Philippine National Police)
• Transportation for Ministers (motor bikes)
• Distribution of rice
• We provide free pre-kindergarten K1 and nursery classes for children that cannot
afford to go to public pre-k classes, plus a meal is provided so the children can concentrate on their lessons
• Sunday services, midweek Bible studies and Friday youth
• Sunday feeding programs with a Bible lesson for children
Visit them at: sites.google.com/site/seatoseaministries2/home

Please send your Tax Deductible Donation to the church or directly to:

Make checks payable to Atlantic Missions but put on check for "Dale and Gwen French"


Atlantic Missions
Box 362
Saint John, NB
E2L 4L9